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Discover a selection of views of the 3 exhibition spaces

and a selection of 8 paintings from the 80 works on display

Discover below a guided tour of the exhibition

by the Museum's curator, Fabienne Pluchart.


In the meantime, I invite you to watch or rewatch the report on me on the Swiss TV channel RTS 1 "Passe-moi les jumelles" programme


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"des rives et des crêtes" 

a Korean artist in the Lake Geneva Alps


Le Cervin / Matterhorn

100 x 70 cm - Ink and Indian Ink - 2019

ji-young demol park.jpg

 "Inspired by the alpine relief of Lake Geneva, South Korean artist Ji-Young Demol Park paints the contrasts and panoramas of the lake. 

This series of paintings in Indian ink and watercolour conveys, more than it represents, the serenity and fascination that the subtle balance of water, mountains and sky exerts on the viewer. 

A contemplative and sensory work with a rare aesthetic." 

Pablo Thuler - Revue "Aimer lire"  des Librairies Payot - Suisse

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